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The Animate action block is used to create web animations, by animating position, styling and visibility of objects:

Example of animation with Animate block

The usage is a bit similar to working with click/hover effects in Weld:

  • When you add the Animate block, click the block to open options.
  • Then click the “End state” tab and use it similar to click/hover effects in Weld: move things around, change opacity etc.
  • When done, click the object with the action blocks and switch animation back to “Start state” again.

See this tutorial video on how to create animated web content with the Animate block.

Adding the Animate block

Tip: you can’t create new objects in the “End state” mode. If you need to display something only in the “End state” state, create it in the “Start state” and hide it, revealing it in the “End state” state.

Reset animation block

The Reset animation block is the counterpart of Animate. It resets the active animation and goes back to the “Start” state.

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