Weld users have now created 10’000 web and app projects!


Since our launch on Product Hunt in February, Weld has continued growing. Now there’s over 10’000 web and app projects created by Weld users – and this is only 2 months after launch! On average, the amount of projects grow by 70% each month.

The vision of Weld is that everybody should be able to create interactive apps and websites, without coding. Weld began as a prototyping/design tool, but users are already building finished websites, e.g: http://www.maltenowag.com


The big difference between Weld and other tools such as Weebly, Squarespace and WordPress, is that you can create any design you want – not limited by templates.

There are now Weld users in 110 countries around the world, but interestingly enough Germany is the biggest market: almost 1/3 of our users are there.