Do you really think we will be coding in 2024?

Imagine how we’re interacting with computers in ten years. Browsing the web is probably like something out of “Minority Report”, right? Smartphones are replaced by smart glasses/earplugs/brain implants.

Will we really be building our software with text editors by then, just as we do today? I sincerely hope not. Hopefully we have tools we can trust better by then, so we can concentrate on the user experience and the functionality.

Paul Boag makes this observation about visual web development tools:

“Tools like Macaw and Adobe Edge Reflow are enabling designers to do much of the work of front-end coders. […] Although these tools will never produce code as good as a person, it will be good enough. In the end it will come down to return on investment.”
— Paul Boag (from Creative Bloq)

I think that sums it up pretty well: return on investment. We will have tools that produce less optimized code (perhaps), but it won’t be worth time or effort to handcraft the code any longer.

/Tom. (@tomsoderlund)

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