How Björn Milton created Roombler


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When Björn Milton, founder of the Roombler booking app, moved back to his childhood island Gotland he and his partner bought the property that was going to be converted into the indie hotel and restaurant Hotel Stelor.

“We wanted to create an atmosphere, a special feeling. A high quality business with high standards through all parts of the business. Both in what the customers could see and experience. But also behind the scenes, such as technical systems.” says Björn.

Björn Milton - founder of Roombler

The search

Already a successful tech entrepreneur and one of the founders of Twingly, Björn knew what he wanted when he went out searching for a hotel management system that would fit their high standards.

“I wanted a booking system that was easy to use and which I could have with me at all times. Pretty simple.”

However it turned out not to be an easy task to find the system that was easy to use and mobile.

“It was impossible to find anything that appealed to me. The hotel management systems I found were just too complex to handle and didn’t fit the purpose that I had in mind. You could say that their flaws are a part of the reason why I decided to build my own system.”

And it appeared that Björn was not alone with that problem. It is a problem for small accommodation businesses all over the world. Roombler now has users in over 70 countries.

Wherever, whenever

Björn wanted to be able to use the app from wherever he was at any time. When interacting with customers in person or over different online channels.

“Roombler needed to be an app. It was never a question of anything else. Your iPhone or iPad is always with you and as a busy host you can’t waste time on always go to your front desk or office when in need to use your booking system in some way. Always having your booking system in your pocket permits you be so much more present and professional.”

“Always having your booking system in your pocket permits you be so much more present and professional.”
– Björn Milton, Roombler

As a firm believer of that the world is shifting Björn is convinced that we all need to adapt to the new mobile world:

“In his talk ‘Mobile: It Changes Everything’, Benedict Evans addresses the profound change and something that we all need to pay attention to. As a tech business this obviously goes for us here at Roombler. But, as Evans says in the talk, tech has outgrown tech, i.e. these changes apply to all type of business, including the accommodation business.”

Easy to use

When using the Roombler booking app it is obvious that user experience has been a key element in the process. It is easy to use and has a modern look to it.

“Being a user you should never have to worry about how things are connected or how complex it is. It should just work and be so intuitive to use that you can get started right away. I truly believe that we’ve been able to create what I was searching for but could not find on the market. An app that is easy to use and that I always have with me in my pocket.”

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