Interactive Content – How Marketers Use Weld


interactive content

Eight seconds. This is how long you have to hook your audience. Beyond this, the average person loses concentration or interest even before you end your introduction.

Interactive content is one of the best ways to grab the attention of consumers and lengthen their limited attention spans. In fact, 81% of the respondents in a study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute agree that attention is grabbed more effectively by interactive rather than static content.

To make your business stand out, give your consumers a unique experience through creative, interactive content.

How marketers use interactive content

Without a doubt, interactive content is an excellent way to grab attention and enhance user engagement. However, there’s much more to it than being a mere attention grabber.

Interactive content can help achieve various content marketing objectives, including the following:

Creating brand awareness

Interactive content sets a brand apart from its competitors and encourages consumers to know more about the products and services it offers. It leads to better recognition of brand image, which is quite beneficial in a highly competitive industry. Aside from this, self-assessment and knowledge tests help people identify a need and determine how a brand can fulfill this need.

Educating consumers

In terms of educating buyers, experiential content is more effective than passive content. A highly interactive infographic has a better chance of retaining user attention by promoting a more efficient means of transferring knowledge. Marketers can embed questions, use flip tiles, or flexible user paths to make their infographics more interactive and memorable. Aside from infographics, quizzes and surveys can also be used to provide more information about the brand.

Enhancing content marketing campaigns

Content marketing campaigns can be greatly enhanced through the use of interactive content. Creative contests attract consumers and encourage them to share brand knowledge with their family and friends. Interactive calls-to-action inspire consumers to engage, while interactive emails can translate to better conversions. Web animations incorporated into social media posts garner more likes, comments, and shares.

Generating leads

Online marketers can use interactive content such as polls and surveys to identify potential consumers and to gather as much consumer data as possible. Quizzes can provide valuable insights into the personal preferences of consumers and polls can generate relevant statistics to further study demographic behavior. All these allow brands to align their offers with consumer lifestyles, values, and interests.

Enabling better purchasing decisions

Interactive content can also be used during the consideration and decision stages in the buying journey. Surveys, product pickers, and calculators are some of those that can be utilized to empower consumers to make better purchasing decisions.

Interactive content examples

These are just a few of the many uses of interactive content in marketing. For more concrete examples, here are some ways they are used today:

  1. Pew Research launched an interactive quiz to see if users can tell the difference between fact and opinion in news articles. Users evaluated ten phrases and determine which ones are real and which ones are fake. The results of this quiz were then used in a study.
  2. To help readers understand the effect of the Republican tax cuts in 2018, the New York Times created the Tax Bill Calculator where users are shown how much their tax would be changed by tax cuts.
  3. Five Thirty Eight enabled their readers to play president through How To Win A Trade War, a game that lets users see how “easy” it is to win a trade war. This game made foreign trade more relatable to users by giving them an immersive experience.

How weld enhances interactive content

Good interactive content is not about aggressive calls-to-action or pop-up solicitations. It is about providing good value to consumers and giving them a unique user experience.

Weld, a web creation tool specifically designed for marketers, makes this possible without marketers having to deal with confusing code or potentially messy front-end development.

Here are some interactive content marketers can easily create through Weld:

Interactive product info popups

Weld Product Info Popup feature

Unlike bothersome timed pop-ups, click pop-ups are not intrusive. They can actually be fun to use and make exploring a site more enjoyable. For product pages, Weld’s Product Info Popups engages consumers to learn more about the featured products by hovering and clicking on the specific products they are interested in.

Drag and drop interactions

Drag and Drop interactions can increase the average time consumers stay on the site. It can be amusing to move shapes to create images or to sort through products by grouping them according to one’s preference. This type of interactive content works best on shopping sites where consumers can mix and match pieces to see which items go well together.

See this interactive example on how Drag and Drop interactions work in Weld.

Interactive infographics

Weld interactive infographics feature

Use interactive infographics to convey information and educate consumers in an intuitive and comprehensible way. Weld enables marketers to incorporate dynamic elements into static infographics that are no fun to read. Embedded questions, click pop-ups, animated graphs, and other dynamic elements make navigating through infographics quite entertaining.

Interactive quizzes

Interactive quizzes are the most shareable content in social media. They’re fun to do and can be highly addictive, making them a great way to interact with your audience. Use an interactive quiz to build brand awareness by asking questions about your brand. Take it up a notch and encourage conversion by rewarding those that get a perfect score a discount code or a premium product.

See this interactive example on how quizzes can be built in Weld.

Boost customer engagement with interactive content

With animated content, consumers can interact more directly with a brand, have fun, and provide marketing data without feeling compelled to do so. Marketers, on the other hand, gain valuable insight that allows them to create better campaigns. This, in turn, boosts brand recognition and value.

Using tools such as Weld can help marketers take their content to the next level through more personalized interactive content. By leveraging this technology, they can boost customer engagement and ultimately boost business growth.