Programming without coding: the current state of affairs

by Tom Söderlund

The key problem with “programming without coding”, is an intrinsic conflict between simplicity/ease of use, and flexibility/powerfulness.

There’s a bunch of “app builders”, where you select a template and drag and drop pre-defined components into the app:

Here’s a few examples:

The big problem with these, is if you come with your own idea/vision of how your app should look and act like, you will definitely be disappointed. The tools simply don’t give you the freedom to create what you want.

In the other ring corner, you have tools such as Visual Basic and

These tools combine a visual editor for user interfaces (UI), with traditional coding to create interactivity. These tools are more powerful, but do require coding and thus have a higher learning curve.

And then, as a tiny bright speck at the far end of the tunnel, you have a third category. A group of tools that combine a powerful UI designer with new visual ways of programming. The best example I’ve seen so far is Bubble. But we’re working on something even better, at Weld

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