A structured approach to SEO keyword generation


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Coming up with great search keywords can be difficult. Here’s a structured way to think about about search keywords in SEO and Google AdWords, that can be applied to almost any company or product.

Step 1: Compile five lists

  1. What kind of product is it: e.g. plugin, platform, tool, service, creator, solution, SaaS.
  2. What is the output/results of the product: e.g. interactive content, animations.
  3. What are the other user benefits (outside the output): e.g. flexible content creation, cheaper content.
  4. Partners – what other products does your product work with:[episerver/hybris/magento/…etc], e.g. episerver interactive content.
  5. What competitors is this an alternative to:[snapapp/zmags/ceros/flash/ion interactive/…etc] [competitor/alternative], e.g. ceros alternative

Step 2: Combine the lists together

Multiply the lists together (tip: use the Multiply option in the Boolean List Manipulator):

  1. Output only (tag: #output) e.g. interactive content
  2. Output * product type (tag*: #outputXproducttype) e.g. interactive content tool
  3. Partner * output (tag: #partnerXoutput) e.g. episerver interactive content
  4. Partner * benefit (tag: #partnerXbenefit) e.g. episerver cheaper content
  5. Competitor (tag: #competitor) e.g. ceros competitor, ceros alternative

*Tags are useful in SEO tools for grouping the keywords.

Step 3: Use the keyword lists

Feed the resulting keywords into an SEO tool or Google AdWords.

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