Wanted: Digital Marketing Manager


Only 0.5% of the world’s population knows how to code. We believe that a better tool can turn anybody into an app creator (read more).

Perhaps you have heard about Weld before, this is the latest version:

Weld is scaling up, now you can create both mobile apps and web. Besides entrepreneurs, marketers and schools are starting to recognize the tool. We’re discussing with a major clothing brand to use Weld on their websites.

We are now looking for a:

Digital Marketing Manager

  1. can join the management team, think overview, strategy, vision, plan, set goals
  2. masters the entire digital inbound marketing thing: analytics, driving traffic, conversion
  3. can count/discuss revenue, think analytically


  1. is OK with sales, presenting, follow up, close deals
  2. is OK with content, writing, (graphics, video)
  3. loves to learn new things
  4. likes lean startup

Contact tom@weld.io for more information.