Weld gets “hunted” on Product Hunt – here’s the results

So, Weld got “hunted” on Product Hunt yesterday. We launched at 4:00pm, and it was a really intense night! Our servers crashed a few times, and we were talking to users on Product Hunt and Intercom all night.


Here’s some stats:

  • Currently: #2 on Product Hunt with 450 votes, 29 comments.
  • 6’600 visitors on our website website.
  • 870 signups.
  • 1 paying “Pro” user.
  • ~30 email with praise about the product.
  • ~200 tweets.

Update: 10 days later

OK, now the madness seems to have calmed down. Here’s the current stats:

  • 720 votes on Product Hunt – we had expected it to come to a complete halt the day after our launch, but votes are still coming in!
  • We had a second bump after the weekend, as blogs started reporting about Weld. A lot of traffic came from Hackpedia (Brazil)t3n (Germany) and Want (Netherlands).
  • 21’500 visitors on our website.
  • 3’800 signups = almost 4X our user base before Product Hunt!
  • A new target group discovered: “entrepreneurs” is now a larger group than “agencies” which previously dominated our user base.
  • Contacted by investors from US and Europe (which is great since we’re raising a seed round).

And of course:

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