Weld releases a new tool for marketers and e-merchants: Weld Creator v4


Marketing tech company Weld releases the fourth generation of its content creation tool Weld Creator

In recent years, Weld has developed an agile tool for creating web campaigns and content marketing without the need to code. The company has brought in customers like Indiska, Odd Molly and Telia Carrier to work faster with their web campaigns. With little effort, you save both expensive development time and make it faster for the marketing and content teams to be creative themselves.

Now, Weld releases a new version: Weld Creator v4.

“We have rebuilt our tool from scratch in the past year. Both the company and the product have grown rapidly, and it was time for a new architecture that can scale better”, says Tom Söderlund, Weld’s founder and CEO.

Many changes are on the inside, and at a quick glance Weld v4 looks similar to its predecessor. However, several new features are available:

  • Built-in video support, where you can drag-and-drop videos from your computer straight into Weld.
  • Stronger support for image carousels.
  • Zoom in and out.
  • Layer list for easier organization of large designs.

Anyone can try Weld Creator v4 for free here. Weld Creator v4 is also listed on Product Hunt and a thorough video presentation of the product can be found on YouTube:

Expanding out from e-commerce

While Weld’s focus is still on marketing and e-commerce, the product has recently received interest from other industries including publishing, e-learning, and industrial applications.

“As the offering and product is maturing, new applications for Weld are being discovered on a weekly basis. We are in an exciting stage where we are seeing an accelerated adoption of our tool, and general growth of the business”, says Markus Nyberg, Chief Commercial Officer at Weld.

New partnerships including Frosmo

A key focus area for the last 6 months has been establishing partnerships in the marketing tech industry.

One such partnership is with Frosmo, a personalization software vendor that empowers the creation of meaningful customer journeys through dynamic content, data-driven recommendations, and continuous optimization.

With Weld content inside Frosmo’s personalization engine, creating personalized customer journeys with engaging content has never been easier for marketers.

“Here at Frosmo, we are excited to work with Weld. We provide marketers better agility and enable them to move away from the one-size-fits-all approach. By presenting the attractive Weld content at the right time across all touchpoints creates engaging customer experiences and tangible business results.” says Maija Erkheikki, Chief Channel Officer, Frosmo.


More photos and screenshots: link.weld.io/weld-press-kit

Contact information

About Weld

Weld (www.weld.io) is a visual tool that allows you to create interactive web content without coding. The content can then be seamlessly embedded into any website, and used for landing pages, marketing campaigns, etc. Weld is used by marketing departments and in-house studios at e-commerce companies as well as by agencies. Customers include Indiska, Odd Molly and Telia Carrier.

The company was founded in 2014 by Tom Söderlund and Henric Malmberg. Weld is funded by the Internet Foundation in Sweden (IIS), business angels, and by the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency’s innovation competition, Vinnova and Almi Företagspartner.