White-label HTML editor


The Weld software can be licensed and used as a white-label HTML content editor, embedded into content-management systems (CMS) and other web platforms. Try the tool yourself!

Create web content like a slide deck

Weld’s unique content tool looks similar to PowerPoint, and enables free-form content design. Break away from rigid templates and blocks, and work with text, images, video, and forms – any way you want.

Drag a Weld embed block to any website

Responsive design for any screen size

Make the design responsive to fit various screen sizes. Images are automatically resized and optimized for each device.

Create interactivity with Action Blocks

Weld’s Action Blocks make it easy to create animations and interactivity without coding. Action Blocks can also send/receive data via REST API’s and interact with forms.

Export as pure HTML and JavaScript

The output of Weld is highly optimized HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The content can be streamed from Weld’s servers, embedded into an existing website with the Weld Embedder, or exported and placed on a custom web server.

Contact the Weld white-label team

Email whitelabel@weld.io for more information.