Animations and interactive content in Episerver

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Weld is a content creation tool that makes it easy to embed interactive content and animations into any e-commerce platform or CMS. Episerver (including Epi Commerce) is no exception.

Native add-on for Episerver

Weld is an Episerver Verified Solution Add-On Partner and has a native add-on for Episerver and Epi Commerce, which gives excellent page speeds.

Just add a custom content block in the Episerver/Epi Commerce add-on and paste the Weld embed code for the interactive content into the block settings.

Once the embedding is done, you can design your Episerver animations and interactions any way you want it. You’re not restricted by your Episerver template or theme. Weld enables free-form responsive web design, within the embed box that you have placed in Episerver. You can create interactivity and animations with Weld Action Blocks or the simpler hover/click states.

SEO is important, so the Weld content is SEO optimized and Google will recognize it as part of the host website.

Installing the Episerver add-on

Install the Nuget package, then add a new Weld block:

Create Weld block in Episerver

Set the Weld project ID and screen ID:

Settings for Weld block in Episerver

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