Interactive content and animations in WordPress and WooCommerce

Learn more about and try Weld

Weld is a content creation tool that makes it easy to embed interactive and animated content into any e-commerce platform or CMS. This includes WordPress (including the popular e-commerce plugin WooCommerce). No special WordPress plug-in for Weld is needed.

Just add a post or page in WordPress/WooCommerce and paste the Weld embed code for the interactive content into the box. However, you need to have your own WordPress installation or use the Business Plan on, to enable third-party plug-ins.

Once the embedding is done, you can design your animated content and interactions any way you want it. You’re not restricted by your WordPress/WooCommerce template or theme. Weld enables free-form responsive web design, with animations (such as hover and zoom effects), within the embed box that you have placed in WordPress/WooCommerce.

Also the Weld content is SEO optimized and Google will recognize it as part of the host website.

Learn more about and try Weld

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