Keyboard shortcuts

Here are the keyboard shortcuts in Weld:

  • V, B, T, I, F, B select tools in toolbar
  • S open Screens panel
  • L open Library panel
  • O toggle snap-to-objects
  • G toggle grid
  • Arrow keys nudge 1px (Shift for 10px)
  • Ctrl Shift /, on Mac: Cmd Shift / move one step front/back (Z index)
  • Ctrl /, on Mac: Cmd / move to the front/back (Z index)
  • Enter Run project
  • Escape go “backwards”, i.e. leave Run mode and return to Edit mode. Press again to go to Project Overview.
  • Backspace or Delete delete element
  • Ctrl A, on Mac: Cmd A select all
  • Ctrl D, on Mac: Cmd D duplicate
  • Ctrl C, on Mac: Cmd C copy
  • Ctrl X, on Mac: Cmd X cut
  • Ctrl V, on Mac: Cmd V paste
  • Ctrl Z, on Mac: Cmd Z undo
  • Ctrl Shift Z, on Mac: Cmd Shift Z redo
  • Ctrl , on Mac: Cmd Left previous screen
  • Ctrl , on Mac: Cmd Right next screen

Responsive editing

  • Space toggle responsive layout (phone, tablet, desktop)
  • 1, 2, 3 show specific responsive layout (phone, tablet, desktop)
  • Tab toggle edit all/edit specific layout

While drawing a new element

  • Shift draw proportionally (square)

While dragging an element:

  • Ctrl, on Mac: Cmd disable snapping
  • Alt duplicate
  • Shift lock X/Y axis

While dragging sliders in toolbar:

  • Shift snap to larger values