Library (objects, symbols, icons)

The Library allows you to add objects, symbols, and icons to your project. You can also create your own symbols for easy re-use.

Opening the Library

Click the “More” button in the toolbar:

The Weld Library

Finding things in the Library

  • By category: click on the categories e.g. “Popular”, “Video & sound”, etc.
  • Free text search: enter text in the “Search for objects” field.

Create your own symbols

  1. Select the objects in your project that you want to create a symbol out of.
  2. Open the Library.
  3. Click “Create symbol from selection” at the bottom.
  4. Name your symbol.
  5. Click the checkbox if other Weld users should be able to see and use your symbol.

Create your own smart objects from code

Read more about creating your own custom objects.

Delete items you have created

  1. Find your symbol/object by searching for it or by scrolling.
  2. Hover with the mouse over the icon, then click the ‘X’ symbol next to your symbol to delete it.