Publish Anywhere

Publish Anywhere with Weld – Illustration by Elin Jonsson

Imagine if a single individual could publish any type of content (text, image, video, and animations) across all digital channels (such as websites, social media, email/newsletters, banner ads, digital signs in stores).

For now, the focus of Weld is interactive content on websites, but our vision is that Weld should be able to publish content in any digital channel, including:

  • On your own website
  • On partners’/resellers’ websites
  • Banner ads
  • Inside mobile apps (in a web view)
  • Digital signage in stores
  • Intranet and digital signs in office
  • Email marketing
  • Social media posts/ads

Publish Anywhere – on any digital channel

Now, we just a little bit of investment to take this extra step…

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