Publishing a website

From the very moment you start designing, your website is live at, where “APP-NAME” is a name you can change. But you can also attach a custom domain to your project. You can:

  1. Use a domain that you already own.
  2. Buy a domain from Weld.
  3. Get a free domain from Weld.

How to publish a website

Here’s a how you publish a website:

  1. With your project open, click the Publish button in the toolbar.
  2. Click the Publish website tab.
  3. Fill in your complete domain e.g.

Animation: how to publish a website

4. Press either the “Upgrade to get this” button or “Get this free domain” button (if you want to register a new domain) or “Connect own domain” (if you want to use a domain you already own).

If you registered your domain somewhere else

Only if you are using your own domain that you bought somewhere else, you need to configure your domain name server (DNS) manually for your hosting provider. Read more about DNS configuration here.