Responsive layouts

Weld handles responsive design using “layouts”:

Responsive layouts

Your website can have any number of layouts, but just having “desktop” and “phone” layouts are enough for most projects.

When a visitor opens your website, Weld picks the best layout based on the user’s device.

Your website can never be smaller than your smallest layout, or bigger than your largest layout, but it can stretch between the layouts*.

Adding and removing layouts

Adding layouts

If you want to have more layouts than just desktop and mobile, or if you want to change the breakpoints for any given layout, click the “Cogwheel” button next to the layout buttons. You can add/remove layouts and change their width and height in the popup that appears.

*Fixed-width layouts (non-responsive)

Note that the design will never be more narrow than the project’s most narrow layout, nor will it ever be stretched wider than the project’s widest layout. Therefore, by having only one layout in a project, you can achieve a fixed-width layout.

On mobile devices, a fixed-width project is zoomed out so can still see the entire project.