Optimizely (A/B testing)

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It’s easy to do A/B variation testing with Weld and Optimizely.

A/B testing

1. Create multiple pages in Weld

Note: You can either use the Weld domain e.g. http://www.weld.io/mycampaign/page1 (page2, page3, etc) or attach a domain e.g. www.mycampaign.com/page1 (page2, page3, etc).

2. Set up your experiment in Optimizely

For each variation, create a “Redirect to new page…” and enter the full URL to your Weld page:

Optimizely setup - Redirect variation

3. Add the Optimizely object to each Weld page

Then you add the Optimizely object (from the Insert menu in the Weld toolbar) to each page you want to track. Set your Project ID (i.e. account ID in Optimizely) as well as your Experiment ID:

Optimizely object in Weld

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