Meet someone thin, dark, and handsome…


…namely, the new Weld toolbar, the centerpiece in a design overhaul that started with the side panels for library and screens.

Blacker than black

Allow your squinting eyes a few moments to adjust to the ethereal darkness of the new toolbar. It’s been carefully chiseled from obsidian pixels, and although it only has a fraction of the height of its predecessor, the new toolbar packs an incredible amount of settings to bring your designs to life.

But seriously, what’s new?

  • Slimmer toolbar gives you more space for your design.
  • Get a better overview in the Library with sub-categories and information pop-up.
  • Sliders now allow manual number input, for added precision.
  • Set shadows on boxes, buttons, and text.

Check out the new user interface at

The design story

Weld’s designer Andrés gives tells more about the process behind the design:

“Weld is always evolving. Part of that evolution is the new toolbar that we’ve implemented. It’s a cleaner, simpler and less intrusive UI. We’ve managed to put all the important options inside a 55 pixels thin band running across the bottom of your browser – leaving you with a larger and cleaner work area.


We choose high contrast for the color theme, making the icons easy to read and understand. The blue highlight shows you which tool is active, and it turns red when you make responsive changes in an specific layout. Our goal here is to make you more aware of the mode you are working in.

We spent a lot of time designing the new icons. We simplified the shapes, standardised the sizes and made sure that the icons look super-sharp in any possible resolution.

We reworked the menu hierarchy, presenting you with the most common tools in the first level and leaving options that you don’t use so often in a second level. I hope you like it!”