Introducing the new user interface


We are announcing a major update. A new user interface, making web and app building in Weld even faster and more fun. Here are some of the news:


  • The toolbar is now in the top, making the editing area larger and easier to overview.
  • Preview and Publish buttons are moved to the top, highlighted with colored buttons.
  • Library is now in the toolbar, with enhanced usability.
  • The Text styling tool has a new look, making it easier to change text styles and font.
  • Actions like Undo, Lock, Delete, are now easier to find in the toolbar.
  • Clearer sections in the property panel, making it easier to navigate style settings.



Do you want to learn the new interface? Have a look at the updated “Learn Weld in 2 minutes” video:

Happy building!

//The Weld team