News in the Library


Weld has improved the library!

A better description:

Among many other updates the Weld team is working on, the Library got few changes you should know about!

First of all, when hovering on the Smart Objects of the library a more comprehensive description will appear. This will let you to know how to proceed in order to use that Smart Object, and what it will allow you to do.

Schermata 2016-08-25 alle 11.46.21.png

New Smart Objects have been released:

1. Disqus


With Disqus you can create a discussion in your website.

Just add the Object from the library, sign up for Disqus and set your discussion’s name – also called “forum-shortname”!

2. Google+ Follow


You can now add a Google+ Follow button.

Add the Google+ Follow button and set your Google+ username in the bottom toolbar!

3. Google+ Share


Allow the visitors of your website to share you on Google+.

Add the Google+ Share button, size it and set your Google+ username in the bottom toolbar!

4. Skype


With Skype… well, you probably know what Skype does!

Add the Skype Smart Object to receive calls and video calls through the Internet with Skype. When someone clicks on the button on your website, Skype will automatically open and allow to call you. Just remember to set your Skype username in the bottom toolbar.


Have fun with the new updates, and remember to check out the post “Wishlist” on the Weld Community Forum, to let us know what you are longing for on Weld!

The Weld team