New: Better optimized images on Weld


We just released a new algorithm for optimizing images, powered by ImgIX. It means that when users download your published web content, images will be scaled down, cropped, and optimized for the user’s device. Images will have exactly the right pixel dimensions (width and height) and pixel ratio (e.g. for “retina” screens) to fit the device. Not one unnecessary pixel on screen, meaning faster downloads for everyone.

What does this mean for Weld creators?

  • Images can be uploaded to Weld in any size. The bigger the better, in terms of pixels (for file size we have an upper limit of 12 MB).
  • Image zooming/cropping and panning is a bit slower than it was before. It’s because images are now optimized in the Weld editor, too:

Image zoom and crop

  • Old images are not affected. To make the new optimization kick in, you need to re-upload images to Weld.