Weld keyboard shortcuts


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By popular demand – keyboard shortcuts in Weld:

  • Backspace/delete: delete element
  • Ctrl+A/Cmd+A: select all
  • Ctrl+D/Cmd+D: duplicate
  • Ctrl+C/Cmd+C: copy
  • Ctrl+X/Cmd+X: cut
  • Ctrl+V/Cmd+V: paste
  • Ctrl+Z/Cmd+Z: undo

  • Ctrl+Left/Cmd+Left: previous screen

  • Ctrl+Right/Cmd+Right: next screen

  • V, M, T, I, F, B: select tools in toolbar

  • H: toggle toolbar

  • S: toggle snapping
  • G: toggle grid

  • Arrow keys: nudge 1px (Shift for 10px)

While dragging an element:

  • Ctrl/Cmd: disable snapping
  • Alt: duplicate
  • Shift: lock X/Y axis

While dragging sliders in toolbar:

  • Shift: disable snapping to values (more “free flow”)
Learn more about and try Weld

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