Weld platform upgrade


Today we’re migrating Weld to a new, more scalable platform, powered by Firebase. It’s the result of man-monts of work, and this will enable all sorts of cool features in the future, including real-time collaboration. It also makes Weld almost infinitely scalable.

What you’ll see in this upgrade:

  • Proper links for sub pages. No more “www.mywebsite.com/3”, now your pages get the sub page from the page/screen title, e.g. “Contact” becomes “www.mywebsite.com/contact”.
  • UI updates to project list and screen list.
  • Lots of small bug fixes.

But also, it’s big upgrade, and although we have tested it thoroughly, some small snag might slip through. Keep us posted if you find anything weird.

//Henric, Tom and the Weld team