Bra Sommarmöbler: Weld is a double win


Simon Forslund, e-commerce manager, in front of the Battleford sofa

Simon Forslund, e-commerce manager, in front of the Battleford sofa

“Bra Sommarmöbler” means “Good Summer Furniture”

Bra Sommarmöbler was started in 1995 in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city. Today the company has three stores but it’s the e-commerce ( that is growing the quickest.

We spoke to Simon Forslund, e-commerce manager at Bra Sommarmöbler.

500% growth

The web is becoming increasingly important for Bra Sommarmöbler. They launched a new e-commerce platform in 2014, and have seen a growth of over 500% since then.

“Our success is because we stock large parts of our products, which means that our deliveries are very fast. We have a great customer focus and see our customers as our friends; if there is any fault in a delivery our customers know that they can expect their case to get full attention.” explains Simon.

Working faster

“Before we started using Weld, our main problem was that it took too much time to create new content, which meant that we didn’t update our site as often as we wanted.” says Simon.

Bra Sommarmöbler now uses Weld (integrated with Magento) on the start page and for various landing and campaign pages. They use Weld’s scheduling to set up campaigns in advance.

Bra Sommarmöbler embeds Weld content inside their Magento e-commerce platform

Simon explains: “Previously, the workflow was that we started in Photoshop and then uploaded images to our site and customized the material. Now we work with the material directly in Weld and can publish straight to the website, without having to think about compressing photos or adjusting measurements – all of this is handled by Weld.”

Brand consistency across platforms

“Previously, we had fixed visual templates, which limited our creativity”

“We now have more opportunities to present our products in a coherent way, without having to code anything. Previously, we had fixed visual templates, which limited our creativity. Now we can update every week with new campaign designs, while making sure it looks the same both offline and online.”

Simon concludes: “We now get much more done, plus it looks more professional. Double win!”

Bra Sommarmöbler can now publish visual content to their website with just a click