Hexlox – the smart lock for bicycle parts – scores big on Kickstarter


Hexlox is one of our favorite projects and we wrote about them and their Weld website a few months back.

Hexlox website

In short, it’s a clever lock that turns any bolt into a security bolt. This makes saddles, wheels and other bike parts very hard to steal. They launched their Kickstarter campaign on March 16 and it’s been a runaway success: 250% funded with 20 days to go!

Marcus Tonndorf, co-founder of Hexlox, says this about the launch:

“It’s always exciting to use crowdfunding to bring ideas to life. With Weld we had the possibility to extremely quickly react to changes that needed to be done to the site. The crowd is always flexible and happy to give comments and feedback, and it’s important as a company to be able to learn and adapt from that.”

If you like the product, please go and buy a Hexlox kit on Kickstarter.