Indiska: “We have won our creativity back”


(This article is also available in Swedish)

Markus DeKess, Indiska

Markus DeKess has worked at for four years and today has the title of Senior E-commerce Coordinator.

Indiska is a Swedish retailer of clothes and interior design, with business in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany.

The web is Indiska’s largest display window

With Indiska’s e-commerce, they can offer a wide range of fashion, interior design and accessories to customers who do not have access to any physical store.

“The web is our biggest display window“, says Markus.

Small but dynamic e-commerce team

Indiska has a relatively small but dynamic and diverse e-commerce team that is also responsible for the “Indiska Lovers & Likers” loyalty club.

The e-commerce platform is SAP Hybris. It’s powerful but a bit inflexible in terms of web content:

“In the past, we worked with static content blocks that held back our creativity. New features such as image carousels and such had to be developed in Hybris, which was very time consuming.” explains Markus.

Hover effects on Indiska

Building the start page in Weld

Today, about 75% of Indiska’s start page is built in Weld. The e-commerce team makes pages for clothing collections entirely inside Weld, giving them the freedom to mix videos, photos and animations freely.

“The brand Indiska stands for warmth and color, and thanks to Weld and Vpitch video software we can now present videos for our beautiful clothing collections directly on the site, tailored to all formats” says Markus.

Easier to customize for mobile phones

Since almost 80% of the visitors to use a mobile device, Indiska has had to adapt a lot of web content for phones. Also, banners for mobile and tablet were previously very problematic. With Weld’s help, it has been much easier to make a mobile responsive e-commerce store.

Indiska uses Weld for responsive web campaigns

Content in three languages

Today you can shop on from Sweden, Norway and Finland. Indiska has just launched its Finnish site, which means that they now need to communicate three languages ​​on the site.

Weld has helped the team significantly reduce the time for new content on the site:

“Weld makes it very quick to launch a new campaign without worrying that it will look strange on mobile, tablet or desktop. The same goes for when adding a new language.” says Markus.

More time and creativity

So what does Weld mean for Indiska?

“We have won back our time and creativity” concludes Markus.