MadeInWeld: Marcus Tonndorf and Hexlox


MadeInWeld: Marcus Tonndorf and Hexlox

Marcus Tonndorf is an experienced entrepreneur and angel investor. For his latest project, Hexlox, he chose Weld to build the landing page.

Tell us about yourself and your background as entrepreneur

It all started with web design. Back in 1995, I founded a small webstudio called Peeloot Interactive in Stockholm. Later, I left for London where I studied Design & Branding.

After having opened the Berlin office of design studio Pentagram, I set out on my true entrepreneurial journey starting companies in Berlin, Munich and Tokyo and then back to Berlin where my latest venture is located.

During the years I’ve also done seed rounds with selected ventures and I also mentor a selected few.

What is Hexlox?

Hexlox is the worlds smallest lock, designed to protect your bike saddle, wheels and any components that are fasten with a bolt. You can install it in a second and its removed with a personal key.

Once installed no-one can loosen your bolts or open your screws. With all your parts protected its also very unattractive for the thief to take the whole bike.

It has been tested with German Lockpicking Association who could not open it and as one large bike shop in Berlin said: “A true innovation. Small, light and incredibly safe. It will be hard to do something better than this”.

Hexlox inventor Ian (left) with Marcus (right).

Why did you pick Weld for the website?

I was looking for something that offered a similar flexibility to designing with Illustrator and InDesign and simultaneously gives me the power to output it onto the web with interactivity.

What was it like designing the website in Weld?

Since the layout came from analogue source it was easy to directly convert it into a web presence without having to go through an initial step of setting up a digital layout. By using the pre-configured assets I was also able to add some elements that I had not thought of before. My business partner also had the chance to remotely discuss the layout with me and I could make changes in real time.

How did the final website turn out, compared to your initial idea?

I think the result is not far from what I had wished for. I see the benefits of using a platform like Weld to quickly get good results, where as if you want perfect results, it needs a bit more time spent.

If I however would have used a platform with templates, my creativity would have been hindered directly, and the result would have stayed at OK.

What are the next steps for Hexlox?

Hexlox will be launching its Kickstarter campaign on March 1st 2016 and will then be rolling out also through wholesalers and directly to bike shops. We’ve also got a few requests about being pre-installed on new bikes which is something which is also very attractive to us.

Ultimately, the Hexlox vision is to put more bikes on the street. Our initial lock is part of the strategy of first making sure that the existing bikes on the street are safe, and then promoting more bikes with better features and solutions.

Will you use Weld in the future?

The answer is I would like to. We will however be adding some more interactivity in terms of certain marketing features in the near future. I sincerely hope though that Weld with be able to meet the demands of offering such plugins and assets for drag and drop. Should we for what ever reason decide to not use it for our main site, it would still be very attractive for campaign sites, landing pages and also when we at one point design to go mobile.