How Sveriges Annonsörer (Sweden’s Advertisers) built their info website “Schysst Reklam”


(This article is also available in Swedish)

What is the purpose of the site

– Our main goal with the website, as well as everything we do at Sweden’s Advertisers, is to help our members work efficiently and responsibly with their brands, advertising and the media. There are many laws, rules and ethical norms to conform to as an advertiser, and all of this we wanted to gather in one place.

Nobody wins when advertising around us isn’t nice, it is far too important from a socio-economic and business related perspective. (“Nice Advertising”) is a guide for anyone who is producing advertising and wants to keep track of the rules that are available.

Is there a lot of advertising that isn’t nice?

– No, not that much, I think. Most advertisers want to advertise what people like, otherwise it won’t be effective and will lead to more and more people saying “No, thank you” to advertising, which in turn does not benefit anyone.

Reklamombudsmannen (The Swedish Advertising Ombudsman) receives complaints from individuals as well as companies and organizations on advertising that are perceived as discriminatory or misleading. Looking at the reports that came in last year, there were 287, of which 167 were dropped. And with that, we can say that our site is still needed.

How was the actual process of building the website?

– We did it completely inhouse, in the tool Weld.

All the information was already ready and only needed a good place to put all the recommendations and rules. We felt that it would be too extensive to do subpages on our regular website and with the risk that it would be too unstructured.

We chose Weld for the site when we had previously been in contact with the company, and found that the tool was simple and flexible and very affordable.

Are you building web pages yourself or have you used agencies then?

– No, we’ve always had web agencies that helped us. However, we have always worked with content, both text and images, and always felt the need to be able to edit the content ourselves.

Did you save money on building the site yourself?

– Yes we did. Exactly how much is hard to say when we never even considered taking an agency quote for this project. I guess the agency work had been up to a week for designing and building and we still had the content left to work with.