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What if you woke up with a great idea in the morning, and launched it in the afternoon?

Only 0.5% of the world’s population knows how to code.

In a time when “learning to code” is all the rage, Weld is pursuing a different path. We don’t believe people should learn to think like computers – instead we need better tools. Instagram and GarageBand has transformed photography and music making. We believe that a better tool can turn anybody into a creator of websites and apps. It’s a democratization of technology, a #NoCode revolution.

“Programming ability is the new digital divide.”
– Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the world wide web

What is Weld?

Weld is an online tool for creating interactive web content without coding. Draw, drag and drop until it looks the way you want. Add interactivity and animations. Publish on your existing website, as a new website, or as a mobile app – all with a single click. In short, Weld allows you to be creative without code.

Who is Weld for?

“Who is Weld for?” is a question as wide as “Who is programming for?”. We begin with marketers, but also publicists, entrepreneurs, designers, and schools will be using Weld. Weld should be where every digital idea begins.

We believe that in 10 years, a lot more people will be creating software. But few of them will be coding.

Publish anywhere

For now, the focus of Weld is interactive content on websites, but Weld can also be used:

  • On your own website
  • On partners’/resellers’ websites
  • Banner ads
  • Inside mobile apps (in a web view)
  • Digital signage in stores
  • Intranet and digital signs in office
  • Email marketing
  • Social media posts/ads

Read more about Publish Anywhere

The future of development

We can build things faster

Here’s the current development process for an app or service:

  1. Define how it should work (interaction design).
  2. Define how it should look (visual design).
  3. Implement it in code.
  4. Publish it to a platform.
  5. Test it and analyze the results.
  6. Repeat the process.

These steps are usually done in series, but we believe that many of these steps can be made in parallel, giving faster iterations and more flexibility. What if you could improve a product while in the user’s hand?

Programmers are being wasted on design details

Today, 90% of an app or service is the user interface. Services like Tinder and Slack have proven that great interaction design is a competitive advantage. But user experience is design, not engineering.

So, are software engineers becoming redundant? Not at all, they are just pushed up the chain to more challenging programming tasks.

The app auteur: the power of the lone creator

“If a system is to serve the creative spirit, it must be entirely comprehensible to a single individual.”
– Dan Ingalls, co-creator of Smalltalk, Xerox PARC

We believe that individuals can be empowered to create complete apps and services. But of course teams can do it too, especially with great tools for collaboration.

Web and apps are dying? merging

The death of the web was announced back in 2010. Today, mobile apps are struggling. We believe that both will co-exist, and possibly merge. Hybrid platforms such as Cordova, Ionic, and Electron are on the rise, mainly due to the cost of developing and maintaining software for multiple platforms.

In any case, we will continue to have screen-based software running on mobile and stationary devices for a foreseeable future.

Screen size doesn’t matter

As a creator, you should be able to create apps for any platform and any screen. An idea may start as a mobile app, but end up as a responsive website. Full support for responsive design is a must-have.

How we build Weld

Weld’s corporate values: Respect, Initiative, Optimism (RIO)

  • Respect: respect yourself, your colleagues, and your customers.
  • Initiative: take initiatives and always move forward.
  • Optimism: focus on the positive, not the negative.

The Weld product: Simple, Playful, Beautiful

Our core mantra when building the Weld product is:

  • Simple, not complicated.
  • Playful, not strict. Leave room for experimentation and playfulness.
  • Beautiful, not plain. Dare to stand out, break the status quo.

Weld’s process: Build, Measure, Learn

We’re big fans of the Lean Startup method and enjoy trying new things and learning from them.

As part of this process we created the Napkin Business Canvas to be able to refine our business model more quickly.

The Weld Team

We’re a small team with diversified skills:

  • Tom Söderlund, CEO/Product
  • Markus Nyberg, CCO/Sales
  • Eugene Logvinov, Lead Developer
  • Erik Ulrikson, Marketing
  • Maciej Mikołajczyk, Design & Content

The Weld origin story

The inspiration for Weld came to Tom Söderlund back in 2008, when he was “squatting” at the MIT Media Lab while his wife was taking a master’s degree. Leaving a career as video game producer behind, he had hundreds of startup ideas he wanted to try out. But building his app ideas proved harder than he expected:

“I was very frustrated by how complicated it was to make a simple app: spending hours configuring build tools, writing nonsensical commands in a text editor, hunting bugs with only inane error messages as a guide. We’ve had the digital computer for 70 years now, you’d think we would have come further by now.”
– Tom Söderlund, CEO of Weld

The first idea for Weld started to take shape, but it would take another five years before Tom got the guts and the opportunity to pursue Weld full time.

In early 2014, Tom was working from the startup community SUP46 in Stockholm, meeting potential customers and validating his business model, Lean Startup style. One day, he was riding the office elevator and met Henric Malmberg. Henric was one of the early engineers at Magine TV, and now looking for a new challenge. “So, are you doing a startup?” Henric asked, forcing Tom to deliver a true elevator pitch. It worked, and Henric co-founded Weld together with Tom a few months later.


Weld has received investments from Internetstiftelsen (IIS, controls the .SE domain) and angel investors, grants from PTS and Vinnova, and a loan from Almi Företagspartner. See also angel.co/weld


Weld is currently based in Knackeriet in Gamla Stan, Stockholm.

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